Be more Intentional about Being Intentional

Obviously, I am admittedly not a good blogger. The date of the last – and only second post – was January 1st. Nine months later, on September 1st I finally sit to write again. It’s not that I haven’t had the thoughts or words in my head; on the contrary I’ve had so many themes in my head that are real quality stuff…they just never seem to make it out of my head and onto the keyboard.

There’s the note on my phone, dated March 13, 2017, with this quote from C.S Lewis, “Here on the mountain the air is clear…your mind is clear.” I know that must have been on a day that I hiked in the N. Georgia mountains. I see a few other notes on the phone memo – not dated but I know they are from either during or right after a trail run or hike:

Spending a lot of time in the woods

In the woods you can’t tell anyone’s political beliefs.

People are happy in the woods; filled with Peace, Kindness, Joy.

My Facebook friends and Instagram followers get a glimpse into my happy place when I post pictures after a run, a hike, or a drive in a beautiful place. I’m much better posting a photo than the thoughts behind it. Here is a quick catch up:

Ivy covered shed across the street from my childhood home. June 2017.
Raven Cliff Falls hike. June 2017.
Sunrise on Carova Beach, NC. July 2017. #obx
Dockery Lake trail. August 2017.
Cedar Falls Park, SC. August 21, 2017. After this we witnessed the solar eclipse in totality!

Today I attended the memorial service for a dear friend’s sister who died suddenly. The setting of the memorial was at Revival 356 – though it could be named “Heaven on Earth.” We were in a barn, on a farm, surrounded by alpacas, goats, birds, butterflies, and many other of God’s creatures. Inside the barn were the amazing group of people who meet there regularly for Bible study, support, peace, and love. It was a beautiful tribute and remembrance of a wonderful woman who showered all who knew her with joy and love. Love was the recurring theme. I felt my faith deepen, my heart stir, and my Intention strengthen. I hope to go back to Revival 356; it exudes that Peace, Kindness, and Joy mentioned above. Their mission is “to be a sanctuary where the soul is reminded of its worth. Where people are awakened to a life of purpose and presence by remembering all God created them to be.”

I’ve done a good job this year of being still; being present; being open to possibilities. I hope to do a better job of being intentional with writing.

Make each day matter. Embrace the moment. Live intentionally.



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